We are purchasing branded goods etc. in Utsunomiya

Thoroughly take care of the local people

Utsunomiya has a large record of purchases, and we are thorough in dealing with the local people, and are purchasing a wide range of unnecessary items such as stamps and jewelry. In order to make it convenient for those who have trouble disposing of unwanted items or collections, we also offer business trips and postal mail in addition to handling at the store, so you can rest assured even if you bring a large quantity.
It is known as a shop that has been used by many customers, including local people, and has a proven track record, and makes a careful assessment using its solid know-how. We will respond to a wide range of customer needs with certainty, so please use it.


We introduce products that can be purchased

Gold, platinum, precious metal, jewelry


Please refer to the store access information.


Store name

Brand Utsunomiya

Street address

Room 2nd floor, 2nd floor, Higashi Park Heights, 6-1-21 Higashijukugo, Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture

phone number
business hours

10:00 〜 19:00

Regular holiday



高橋 純也


Purchasing stores and brands Utsunomiya mainly accept items such as branded products and commemorative coins that are asleep at home. In addition, we offer a business trip service that can be used with just one phone call, so we can provide high-quality services to those who have difficulty in coming to the store. Please contact us at

About us

Utsunomiya's purchase store will make a thorough response to customers

Utsunomiya purchase store is also on a business trip so please feel free to use it

In addition to handling at the store, we also have a convenient business trip service that makes an assessment by visiting your home etc., so even those who want to bring in a lot of unnecessary items at the time of moving or cleaning You can use it conveniently. Customers who have used it so far have received a lot of joy from a convenient service that allows them to sell unnecessary items while staying at home, saving the trouble of taking them home. I've come. With the goal of providing services that can be used with peace of mind by many customers, including local residents, we are committed to responding closely to each customer.
The staff with a proven track record of assessing a large number of items so far will carefully and promptly evaluate each item you bring in, and we will try to present you with an amount that will satisfy you. Perfect for those who want to sell high quality items as much as possible. We will endeavor to provide services that can meet a wide range of customer needs, and will continue to provide thorough support, so if you have a problem with a large number of unnecessary items, please use the business trip service.

Utsunomiya's purchasing stores buy a wide range of goods at high prices

Our staff, with a long history of assessing items, has been carefully assessing each product so that customers who come to the store can interact at a high price that will satisfy our customers. Customers who have used it so far have received a lot of joy from the higher assessment amount than others, so those who want to sell their collections and items that are no longer used at the highest possible price. Perfect for. We will continue to make thorough assessments that will make the local people happy to purchase unnecessary items and provide them to those who really need them.
We handle a wide range of items from gold and silver platinum to jewelry and branded goods as well as paintings, gold vouchers and toys, so it may be possible to deal with items that are said to be unavailable elsewhere. There is. We also conduct assessments on business trips and by post, and we have a track record of being familiar with local people as a convenient shop that you can buy without visiting, so if you want to sell unnecessary items, Please feel free to contact us.